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TP1561A - Stable 6MHz, 500μA, RRIO, Precision, Op Amps


 Stable 6 MHz GBWP in VCM from 0-V to VDD

 Excellent EMI Suppress Performance
 Offset Voltage: ±400 μV Maximum
 Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 1 μV/°C
 Input Bias Current: 1 pA Typical
 THD+Noise: -115 dB at 1kHz, -99 dB at 10kHz
 High CMRR/PSRR: 110/95 dB
 Beyond the Rails Input Common-Mode Range
 Outputs Swing to within 3 mV of Each Rail
 No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs
 High Output Capability: 100mA
 Shutdown Current: 0.2 μA (TP1561NA)
 Supply Voltage Range:
       —  Single +2.1 V to +6.0 V Supply
       —  Or Dual ±1.05 V to ±3.0 V Supplies
  –40°C to 125°C Operation Temperature Range
 ESD Rating: 8KV – HBM, 2KV–CDM and 500V–MM
 Green, Popular Type Package

Typical Application


The TP156xA series are CMOS single, dual,and quad RRIO op-amps with low offset, low power and stable high frequencyresponse. They incorporate 3PEAK’s proprietary and patented design techniquesto achieve very good AC performance with 6MHz bandwidth, 4.5V/μs slew rate andlow distortion while drawing only 500μA of quiescent current per amplifier. Theinput common-mode voltage range extends 300mV beyond V– and V+, and the outputsswing rail-to-rail. The TP156Xa family can be used as plug-in replacements for manycommercially available op-amps to reduce power and improve input/output rangeand performance.

The TP156xA Op-amps are unity gain stablewith any capacitive load. They operate from either single +2.1V to +6.0V supplyor dual ±1.05V to ±3.0V supplies. Analog trim and calibration routine reduce inputoffset voltage to below 400μV, and proprietary precision temperaturecompensation technique makes offset voltage temperature drift at 1μV/°C. Adaptivebiasing and dynamic compensation enables the TP156xA to achieve ‘THD +Noise’for 1kHz/10kHz 2VPP signal at -115dB/ -99dB. Beyond the rails input andrail-to-rail output characteristics allow the full power-supply voltage to beused for signal range.

The combination of features makes theTP156xA ideal choices for audio amplification of computers, sound ports, andother consumer Audio. The TP156xA Op-amp is very stable, and it is capable of drivingheavy capacitive loads such as those found in LCDs. The ability to swingrail-to-rail at the inputs and outputs enables designers to buffer CMOS DACs,ASICs, or other wide output swing devices in single-supply systems.


 Multimedia Audio
 Headphone Drivers
 LCD Drivers
 Photo Diode Pre-amp
 Medical Equipments
 Portable Devices
 ASIC Input or Output
 Sensor Interfaces

Application Notes
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