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TP1542A - Stable 1.3MHz, Precision, RRIO, Op Amps


 Stable 1.3MHz GBWP Over Temperature Range

 Stable 1.3MHz GBWP in VCM from 0-V to VDD

 0.7V/μs Slew Rate

 Only 80μA of Supply Current per Amplifier

 Excellent EMIRR: 80dB(1GHz)

 Offset Voltage: 400uV Maximum

 Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 1uV/°C

 Input Bias Current: 1pA Typical

 THD+Noise: -105dB at 1kHz, -90dB at 10kHz

 High CMRR/PSRR: 95dB/90dB

 Beyond the Rails Input Common-Mode Range

 High Output Current: 100mA

 No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs

 Drives 2kΩ Resistive Loads

 Shutdown Current: 0.2μA (TP1541NA)

 Single +2.1V to +6.0V Supply Voltage Range

 –40°C to 125°C Operation Temperature Range

 ESD Rating:Robust 8KV – HBM, 2KV – CDM and500V – MM

 Green, Popular Type Package

Typical Application


TP154xA series are CMOS single/dual/quad op-ampswith low offset, stable high frequency response, low power, low supply voltage,and rail-to-rail inputs and outputs. They incorporate 3PEAK’s proprietary andpatented design techniques to achieve best in-class performance among allmicro-power CMOS amplifiers in its power class. The TP154xA family can be usedas plug-in replacements for many commercially available op-amps to reduce powerand improve input/output range and performance.

TP154xA are unity gain stable with AnyCapacitive load with a constant 1.3MHz GBWP, 0.7V/μs slew rate while consumingonly 80μA of quiescent current per amplifier. Analog trim and calibrationroutine reduce input offset voltage to below 0.4mV, and proprietary precisiontemperature compensation technique makes offset voltage temperature drift at 1μV/°C.Adaptive biasing and dynamic compensation enables the TP154xA to achieve ‘THD+Noise’for 1kHz/10kHz 2VPP signal at -105dB and -90dB, respectively. Beyond the railsinput and rail-to-rail output characteristics allow the full power-supplyvoltage to be used for signal range.

This combination of features makes theTP154xA ideal choices for battery-powered applications because they minimizeerrors due to power supply voltage variations over the lifetime of the batteryand maintain high CMRR even for a rail-to-rail input op-amp. General audiooutput, remote battery powered sensors, and smoke detector can benefit from thefeatures of the TP154xA op-amps.

For applications that require power-down,the TP1541NA in popular type packages has a low-power shutdown mode thatreduces supply current to 0.2μA, and forces the output into a high-impedance state.


 Audio Output

 Active Filters, ASIC Input or OutputAmplifier

 Portable Instruments and Mobile Equipment

 Battery or Solar Powered Systems

 Smoke/Gas/Environment Sensors

 Piezo Electrical Transducer Amplifier

 Medical Equipment

 PCMCIA Cards

Application Notes
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