68ns, 1.8V, Ultra-low Power, RRI, Push-Pull Output Comparators




  • Fast Response Time: 68 ns Propagation Delay

  • Ultra-Low Supply Current: 46 μA per Channel

  • Offset Voltage: ± 3.0 mV Maximum

  • Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 0.3 μV/°C

  • Input Bias Current: 6 pA Typical

  • Internal Hysteresis Ensures Clean Switching

  • Input Common-Mode Range Extends 200 mV

  • No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs

  • Push-Pull, CMOS/TTL Compatible Output

  • Shut-down Function (TP1941N Only)

  • Output Latch (TP1941NU Only)

  • Down to 1.8V Supply Voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V

  • Green, Space-Saving SC70 Package Available  


  • High-speed Line or Digital Line Receivers

  • High Speed Sampling Circuits

  • Peak and Zero-crossing Detectors

  • Threshold Detectors/Discriminators

  • Sensing at Ground or Supply Line

  • Logic Level Shifting or Translation

  • Window Comparators

  • IR Receivers

  • Clock and Data Signal Restoration

  • Telecom, Portable Communications

  • Portable and Battery Powered Systems  


The 3PEAK INCORPORATED TP194x families of CMOS/TTL compatible comparators are offered in single, dual, and quad configurations, and are exceptionally versatile and easy to use. The TP194x incorporate 3PEAK’s proprietary and patented design techniques to achieve the ultimate combination of high-speed (68ns propagation delay under 1.8~5.5V wide supply range) and low power consuming (46μA quiescent current per comparator). 

These comparators are optimized for low power 1.8V, single-supply applications with greater than rail-to-rail input operation, and also operate with ±0.9V to ±2.75V dual supplies. 

The input common mode voltage range extends 200mV below ground and 200mV above supply, allowing both ground and supply sensing. The internal input hysteresis eliminates output switching due to internal input noise voltage, reducing current draw. The push-pull output supports rail-to-rail output swing, and interfaces with CMOS/TTL logic. The output toggle frequency can reach a typical of 4 MHz while limiting supply current surges and dynamic power consumption during switching. 

The TP1941 single comparators are available in shout-down function, output latch version, and the tiny SC70/SOT23 package for space-conservative designs. All devices are specified for the temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. 


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